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Marc Vooijs is head of Radiotherapy-lab and Director of Research at MAASTRO.
He did his Ph.D. in the Netherlands Cancer Institute with A. Berns and his postdoctoral work at Washington University in Saint Louis with Raphael Kopan and in the Hubrecht Institute with Hans Clevers. In 2006 he started his own group at the Department of Pathology at the UMC- Utrecht (Head Prof P. van Diest). In 2010 he moved to the MUMC+ to become head laboratory research at the Department of Radiation Oncology. In 2012 he was elected a member of the Young Academia Europe (YAE). His work is supported by NWO, ERC, AICR (WCR) and Dutch Cancer Society (KWF).
His research is focused on mechanistic insight into signal transduction by NOTCH family proteins and their context-dependent role in stem cells, cancer development and treatment response with an emphasis on tumor microenvironment and hypoxia. 
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