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Kim Kampen is an assistant professor and group leader at the Department of Radiotherapy. During her Ph.D. (2013-2015), Kim worked with Prof. de Bont (University of Groningen) on the role of vascular endothelial growth factors in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia. From June 2015 onwards, she performed postdoctoral research at the Catholic University (KU Leuven, Belgium) with Prof. Kim De Keersmaecker, studying the role of ribosomal gene defects in cancer. She identified the so called “oncoribosomes”, mutant ribosomes that have specific advantageous translational capacities in T-cell leukemia.

She received several awards and grants to support and establish her lab, including the KWF Young Investigator Grant 2021, the KNAW early career award 2021, and the FEBS excellence award 2021.
Her research is focused on the identification of new molecular mechanisms of serine/glycine synthesis upregulation in cancer, which allows building a patient stratification framework for cancers that can benefit from serine synthesis inhibiting compounds.

She repurposed sertraline as (neo)adjuvant therapeutic approach for serine/glycine dependent and/or radioresistant cancers.
Besides targeting the cancer cells, sertraline normalizes the immune landscape of tumors by targeting the immune checkpoint galectin-1.


Kim R. Kampen


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