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Kasper Rouschop

Kasper Rouschop is a professor and group leader at the department of radiotherapy. He obtained his Ph.D. in nephrology at the University of Amsterdam in 2006 with Sandrine Florquin, Jan J. Weening, and Steven T. Pals. Currently, he is the principal scientist of a group focused on unraveling the role of hypoxia-induced autophagy and extracellular vesicle secretion. 

In the past years he received prestigious grants for personal funding (VENI (2007), KWF (2012)) and project funding (KWF (2010, 2015, 2019), (2013), WWCR (2015), ZZF (2019)) as principal investigator. His recent interests are unravelling the mechanisms of hypoxia-induced autophagy and extracellular vesicle secretion  to exploit this knowledge for improvement of treatment efficacy. Pre-clinical results from his group have lead to multiple investigator driven phase I/II trial in patients suffering from small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and glioblastoma multiforme . 

His research is focused on autophagy, vesicle transport and extracellular communication between cancer cells and their microenviroment. Kasper is specialized in hypoxia controlled interconnections involving vesicle based signaling. 

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