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Poster award for Rianne Vaes at the ESMO congress 2023 in Madrid

'Best poster in the category locally advanced NSCLC at the ESMO congress 2023'

The standard of care for patients with stage III Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is chemoradiotherapy and adjuvant immunotherapy. 20-25% of these patients do not survive longer than 1-1.5 years after treatment initiation and therefore do not benefit from this curative intent treatment. At the moment, there are no prognostic models available to identify these patients who are at higher risk of early mortality.




The aim of this study was to build a prognostic biomarker-based model to identify these high-risk patients. In this study, we have analyzed the blood samples from >300 patients with stage III NSCLC that have been prospectively collected in the Maastro Biobank Project between 2003 and 2020. Besides the substage of the disease and the performance status of the patient, higher concentrations of three immune-related proteins (IL-6, IP-10/CXCL10, PD-L1) were significantly associated with a poorer overall survival. Based on these findings, we have established a prognostic clinical and circulating biomarker model to identify the group of patients that are at a higher risk of early mortality. These patients may benefit from alternative treatments other than curative intent chemoradiation.

21 October 2023

26 September 2023

The Venture Challenge


The project 'Safe and effective NOTCH Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment' from Marc Vooijs and his team (Kasper Rouschop & Dirk De Ruysscher) is selected for the Venture Challenge.

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