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New grant World Wide Cancer Research (formerly AICR)

A Worldwide cancer research grant has been obtained  (PI dr L. Dubois) to study the efficacy of the hypoxia-activated bioreductive prodrug TH-302 in combination with radiotherapy on esophageal tumors. We will investigate the therapeutic impact of TH-302 on radiotherapy using a panel of human esophageal tumor models, to prove that TH-302 efficacy is dependent on the tumor oxygenation status and we will evaluate the value of non-invasive hypoxia PET imaging to predict TH-302 treatment efficacy. Additionally, the possible short-term and long-term normal tissue toxicity of TH-302 and high-dose irradiation with or without oxygen modification using respectively esophagitis and lung pneumonitis/fibrosis assays will be assessed. We are looking for a junior PostDoc to join our team.


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