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We study the use of anaerobic non-pathogenic recombinant clostridia as a highly tumor-specific cancer treatment

Bacterial Gene Therapy

Key papers


John T. Heap*, Jan Theys*, Muhammad Ehsaan, Aleksandra M Kubiak, Ludwig Dubois, Kim Paesmans, Lieve Van Mellaert, Richard Knox, Sarah A. Kuehne, Phillipe Lambin,  and  Nigel P. Minton (2014). Spores of Clostridium engineered for clinical efficacy and safety cause regression and cure of tumors in vivo. OncoTarget, advanced online publication (*equal contribution).
J. Theys, O. Pennington, L. Dubois, W. Landuyt, J. Anné, P. Burke, G. Anlezark, P. Dϋrre, B.G. Wouters, N.P. Minton and P. Lambin (2006). Repeated systemic treatment cycles of Clostridium-directed enzyme prodrug therapy results in sustained anti-tumour effects in vivo. Brit J Cancer, 95, 1212-1219.
Asferd Mengesha, Ludwig Dubois, Roland K. Chiu, Kim Paesmans, Bradly G. Wouters, Philippe Lambin and Jan Theys. (2007) The Tumor Microenvironment as a Target for Bacterial Delivery: What do We (not) Know? Frontiers in BioSciences, 12: 3880-91.



KWF Anaerobic Clostridium

Grant # UM 2015-8025

Period: 2016-2021

Project coordinator: Prof. Philippe Lambin/Dr. Jan Theys

Sum awarded: 2.085 k€

Funded by: KWF



Use of non-pathogenic engineered clostridia as delivery vector for toxic gene products to the tumor (ZonMW)

Grant # 4340009

Period: 2009-2016

Project coordinator: Dr. Jan Theys

Sum awarded: 800 k€

Funded by: ZonMW




Team members


Team leader
Jan Theys
Post Docs
Alexandra Mowday
Aleksandra Kubiak-Bailey
Tom Bailey
Research Technician
Rianne Biemans

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